Bloodka Extinction

BLOODKA, FORGET ABOUT VODKA - THE ONLY 52,8° DEEP RED SPIRIT MADE IN FRANCE - PACKSHOT - Cocktail by Dheeradon - Bloodka Extinction - Photo : Roc Chaliand


An exclusive recipe by Dheeradon, Mixologist at Summer Heath Bar, Bangkok, Thailand. 

• 3cl BLOODKA™
• 3cl Dark rum
• 2,5cl Campari
• 2,5cl Lime
• 3cl Smoked Pineapple juice
• One large ice cube

• Mint
• Dried orange garnish

Shake well and enjoy.

Bloodka Negroni

Bloodka Negroni by Chef Sommelier Leagh Barkley from Le Chapon Fin for BLOODKA - BY ROC CHALIAND


An exclusive recipe by Leagh Barkley, Chief Sommelier at Le Chapon Fin, Bordeaux, France.

• 3cl BLOODKA™
• 3cl Gin (Hendrick’s / Osmose “Agrumes”)
• 3cl Vermouth Rosso (Quintinye)
• 1 Zest of grapefruit or lime

• 3 Large ice cubes

Serve cold and enjoy.