Bloodka Extinction

BLOODKA, FORGET ABOUT VODKA - THE ONLY 52,8° DEEP RED SPIRIT MADE IN FRANCE - PACKSHOT - Cocktail by Dheeradon - Bloodka Extinction - Photo : Roc Chaliand


An exclusive recipe by Dheeradon, Mixologist at Summer Heath Bar, Bangkok, Thailand. 

• 3cl BLOODKA™
• 3cl Dark rum
• 2,5cl Campari
• 2,5cl Lime
• 3cl Smoked Pineapple juice
• One large ice cube

• Mint
• Dried orange garnish

Shake well and enjoy.

Bloodka Twisted Negroni

Bloodka Negroni by Chef Sommelier Leagh Barkeley


An exclusive recipe by Leagh Barkley, Chief Sommelier at Le Chapon Fin, Bordeaux, France.

• 3cl BLOODKA™ Overproof 52.8
• 3cl Gin (Hendrick’s / Osmose “Agrumes”)
• 3cl Vermouth Rosso (Quintinye)
• 1 Zest of grapefruit or orange

• 3 Large ice cubes

Serve cold and enjoy.