What is Bloodka™?

Bloodka™ is a new, deep red, 52,8%vol Ultra Premium vodka-based spirit made in France.

Bloodka™ is the first spirit made from Super Foods.

Bloodka™ is created by a process blending several secret Super Foods, along with fresh red berries of Szechuan pepper in the finest vodka, distilled 4 times, made from spring water and the most delicate, soft French winter wheat.
That blend is then distilled twice in traditional copper stills from Charentes, France following ancient process which gives Bloodka™ its subtle aroma.

52.8%vol of pure pleasure, offering a unique gustative experience.

Enjoy Bloodka

Bloodka™ is fresh and dark as the night.
It is so rich, subtle and complex it can be enjoyed :

• As a standalone spirit at room temperature, such as an old Rum, a Japanese Whisky or even a Cognac.
• Frozen, or on the rocks
• As a shooter
• As a long drink,
• As cocktails,
Always in moderation.

Bloodka™ is a one of a kind ingredient for mixology & cocktails, being a marvellous substitute for both Vodkas and Gins with an amazing potential for creations and classics with a twist.

Bloodka™ has been proudly rewarded with the Gold Medal of the Inside Food & Spirits Fair in Bordeaux on November 2017.

Bloodka’s Genesis

Bloodka™ was born from the fertile imagination of Roc Chaliand and only after 3 years of research and development and the search throughout the world for some of the best ingredients : Super Foods

This new red ultra premium drink is erupting like a volcano in luxury hotels, clubs and bars of major city capitals and at highly selected wine merchants.

Conceived with an exceptional vodka made of french grain and spring water, fresh Szechuan pepper berries and a few other secret Super Foods, Bloodka™ revolutionizes the universe of spirits and cocktails by creating an alternative to the usual vodka and other clear spirits.

Its elaboration leans on craft processes and natural ingredients offering a generous, powerful and exclusive 52,8%vol beverage.

An intense red robe cloaks Bloodka™, giving it unrivalled depth and uniqueness.

Light notes of berries and citrus are imprinted on the subtle wooded nose of this enticingly elegant liqueur.

Bloodka™ is a gustative explosion in the mouth, with an aromatic intensity which sets it apart from its contemporaries..

Its suave texture and flavourful roundness gives Bloodka™ an incredible combination of richness and weightlessness.

Bloodka™ proudly displays a blood red robe, synonymous with passion, ardour and swaggering of prohibitions.

Toying with the laws of Nature, Bloodka™ is as alluring and attractive as it is dangerous, provoking an uncontrollable curiosity, an irresistible need to meet the challenge.

Bloodka™ is fresh and dark as the night.
Enjoy it pure, as a long drink, frozen or in cocktails, but always in moderation.